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The basic theme of the XIV Moscow International Energy Forum Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the XXI Century is determined.

14 September 2015

Organizing and Program Committees offers the topic on «Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in XXI Century: in search of the new strategic imperative » as a basic theme of the Forum.
Fundamental changes in the world energetics demand meaningful discussion of the role and place of the Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the new energy reality.  The latest energy technologies accelerate the decline of the hydrocarbonaceous era. The question arises – which place Russia claims in the restructured energetics of the future. Global challenges to the Russian Fuel and Energy Complex and its numerous internal problems expect the elaboration of a new strategic imperative.  At the same time, the analysis of the «Energy Strategy of Russia until 2035» project shows that structural reforms in the Russian Fuel and Energy Complex are not provided.
The world economy market advantages of different countries and corporations are formed with the integral role of their intellectual potential - the achievements of fundamental and applied science, new knowledge and technologies and people, who create this. But in contemporaneous Russia the main resources are still oil and gas, and our country still remains the supplier of primary resources for countries, which consolidate their global competitive ability.  At the same time, Russia has sufficient intellectual potential to increase competitive advantage of the national economy and ensure its sustainable development. However, the existing sectoral and institutional structure of the economy does not allow this potential to the full extent.
It is obvious that it is time for Russia time to choose a new development path, which will fit the global challenges of our time adequately. The soceity and the expert community are ready to take an active part in the discussion of the new economic and energy strategy of the country.

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